Giveaways for Fairy Tale Fortnight event

I've decided that my roll in the guest posting during the Fairy Tale Fortnight will be hosting giveaways. There will be two separate giveaways, one on The Book Rat's blog and one on Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing's blog. Giveaway package #1 will be geared toward children's books (my personal favorite when it comes to fairy tales), while giveaway #2 will be more for the YA reader.

Goodie package numero uno: For the younger reader

Super cute retelling of the legend of (the future) King Arthur.

Princess silly bands. Hand-picked by the 3 year-old.

Beautiful retelling of Sleeping Beauty.

A picture book of the story of Swan Lake, complete with narration on c.d.

A Chinese fairy tale.

Goodie package numero dos: For the YA reader

I couldn't resist a Princess Minnie pin!


Ashley said... .

How absolutely wonderful!! Misty and I are so excited to have you on board with us! This event just keeps getting better and better!! :)

February 25, 2011 at 12:12 AM

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