The Best Book Ever (2)

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Coranne (or Amanda C.) from Short and Sweet Reviews is starting a new weekly feature called "The Best Book Ever." Each week, different bloggers (some stay the same each week) will be "facing off" Food Network style to tell you why their choice of book is the best one in the genre. Each week a different topic will be featured.

This week's topic... VAMPIRES! I got all excited about the topic, but then I realized I haven't read that many vampire books, other than the Twilight saga. Obviously, I don't want to mention those books because I feel like they are played out. Too much hoopla. After much deliberation, I decided on which book I would feature this week. I decided to go with a book that was released in September. It is a vampire book, but an unique vampire book. I chose this one because it has a super sarcastic MC and UNICORNS, in their "farting rainbow" glory. 

If you want to read my full review for the book I will be pushing, you can check it out here. Check out Short and Sweet Reviews to see what other vampire books the other bloggers are pushing.

Next week's topic: WEREWOLVES! Aww, yeah!


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