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Review: More Bones

More Bones Arielle Olson

I'm always on the look out for "scary stories" to read to the students. Unfortunately, this book is not full of frightening tales. Some of the stories were scarier than others, which make for fun ghost stories to read aloud. However, there is nothing that will live up to Hollywood's standards. Personally, I enjoyed the stories that had surprise endings. I wouldn't consider them "scary" stories, but the plot twists were (at times) unexpected.
My personal favorites in the book include "Wishes Gone Awry." In this Scottish tale, a man tricks a manipulative mermaid into granting him three wishes. Unfortunately for him, all of his wishes end up with less than desirable outcomes. If you're looking for a scarier story, "The Shaggy Grey Arm" and "The Haunted Bell" are great!
Overall, the book is full of a nice selection of stories from all around the world. At times, however, the stories seem trite and ne…