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This week's question comes from Jen B. who blogs at I Read Banned Books:

"Do you ever wish you would have named your blog something different?"

When I thought of a blog name I played around with alliteration, but nothing seemed to fit. Then I saw my broken book light on the table. My BFF always picks on me for using a flashlight to read at night. (She's the one that bought me the book light for a Christmas present.) Old habits die hard, I guess. I still use a flashlight to read. It's cheaper to replace batteries than to buy a whole new light when the kiddos break/lose them. Plus, I now have a super cute pink flashlight all to myself. =)

So, in answer to the question, I think the blog name fits me. For those that know me well enough, they can appreciate the humor in the name.

I am going to post something "extra" on this blog hop. I'm starting a lunch time book club with some preteens at school. WE NEED A BOOK CLUB NAME. I can't think of anything that would fit my very diverse group of readers. Please help!

Share your current fav television show! Tell us a bit about it...

Watch t.v.? Boo. Wish I had time... I might catch the news once in a while. Of course, I didn't know about Egypt until two days after the revolt started. I really don't watch television. =/ I should probably sign up for the newspaper.

In My Mailbox-- Debut Edition

While I was out gathering books and other bookish items for the giveaway during Fairy Tale Fortnight, I couldn't resist buying a few additional books for myself.

From Borders (going out of business sale) I bought:

1. A huge read-aloud edition of Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech
2. Wings by E.D. Baker

From Books-a-Million I bought:

1. Cindy Ella and Geek Charming by Robin Palmer

From Barnes & Noble I ordered:

Midnight Pearls, Before Midnight, and Golden: A Retelling of Rapunzel by Cameron Dokey

As far as books read/currently reading, I finished The Mind Reader and Double Date by R.L. Stine. Yes, Fear Street throw backs. What can I say, it was a request from a student...and a frightening reminder of hideous clothing trends from the early 90s. Even in printed word the clothes are scary.

I'm (still) reading Spoiled by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan. I want to find time to finish reading this book. It's hilarious! I love celebrity parodies... this book even has a plot mixed in with all the absurd pokes at Hollywood's elite.

Giveaways for Fairy Tale Fortnight event

I've decided that my roll in the guest posting during the Fairy Tale Fortnight will be hosting giveaways. There will be two separate giveaways, one on The Book Rat's blog and one on Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing's blog. Giveaway package #1 will be geared toward children's books (my personal favorite when it comes to fairy tales), while giveaway #2 will be more for the YA reader.

Goodie package numero uno: For the younger reader

Super cute retelling of the legend of (the future) King Arthur.

Princess silly bands. Hand-picked by the 3 year-old.

Beautiful retelling of Sleeping Beauty.

A picture book of the story of Swan Lake, complete with narration on c.d.

A Chinese fairy tale.

Goodie package numero dos: For the YA reader

I couldn't resist a Princess Minnie pin!

Fairy Tale Fortnight Event

I've signed up to write a guest post for the Fairy Tale Fortnight that will take place from mid April until the end of April. The event is being hosted by The Book Rat and Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing. As awesome as this event and my chance to do something new is, I have NO idea what my part in the event should be. I am completely stumped. More than stumped.... baffled.

I need ideas. Lots of ideas, actually. Here is what I thought of so far:

  • I could read some less known (or new) fairy tale retellings and write reviews. 
  • I could do a little research and try to find the history behind one or two of the Grimm's fairy tales. 
  • I could have a student write an original fairy tale and then post it. (I think they would get a kick out of knowing their story was on the web.) 
  • I could host a giveaway or two. Maybe some fairy tale-ish books, movies, etc. 
Other ideas are welcome. I feel very limited. What do guest posters typically write about? I have no idea. Please feel free to give me ideas. I desperately need them.       


I figured a giveaway was a good excuse to go shopping, so off I went. BTW, Borders Books is going out of business. Good deals to be found if there is a Borders near you. Here is what I've gathered thus far for giveaway #1:

I love all things Disney!
This is a "Princess Minnie" collectible pin from Walt Disney World.
(One of the perks of having family near WDW.) 

Beautiful hardback picture book retelling of Sleeping Beauty.

Paperback of novel.

A picture book (with audio narration on c.d.) of Swan Lake.
The 3 year-old helped pick these out. Princess silly bands.

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