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Mini-Review: Catching Fire (Suzanne Collins)

Product Details:
Reading Level: YA
Pages: 391
Publisher: Scholastic
ISBN:  9780439023498
Source: dusty copy from my shelf

Catching Fire (The Hunger Games, #2)Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark won the annual competition described in Hunger Games, but the aftermath leaves these victors with no sense of triumph. Instead, they have become the poster children for a rebellion that they never planned to lead. That new, unwanted status puts them in the bull's-eye for merciless revenge by The Capitol...
When I read a synopsis that does nothing to capture the essence of a book, I can't help but chuckle. If you read the back of this book and never read the book itself, you would have no idea what you missed.

You hear a lot about second books in a series not living up to their predessor. "Sophmore slump" they call it. Well, there is no slump in this book. It is captivating. Katniss is still amazing, if not more so. She actually knows what she wants and doesn't flip-flop about her emotions. Things are complicated, and she owns it. Peeta is still the lovable Peeta. But now there are other characters that you encounter, and you can't stop wondering what role they will play. I honestly think this book was better than the first, and I can't imagine how amazing Mockingjay must be!

This is a short review because there is nothing left to say about this amazing series. When it was published, it was unique and fresh. I've read many dystopian books over the last several years, but they don't compare to this series. The phrase, "Often immitated, never duplicated" comes to mind... So simply speaking, if you haven't read this series, DO IT. You won't be disappointed.

The only thing that I can say irritates me, is the fact that I don't have a copy of Mockingjay to read today! I am super irritated that I can't find out what happens until Tuesday, when my copy arrives! Grr...



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Product Details

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Paperback: 192 pages
Publisher: Square Fish (August 21, 2007)
ISBN-10: 9780312369828
Source: My personal book

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