Review: Fury's Fire (Lisa Papademetriou)

Product Details:
Reading Level: YA
Pages: 243
Publisher: July 10, 2012 by Knopf Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 9780375868627
Source: ARC from Netgalley
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Fury's Fire (Siren's Storm, #2)At the end of Siren's Storm, the Sirens were defeated, and now the town of Walfang is once again a peaceful beach community.

Or is it? Gretchen and Will are still haunted by the memories of the night the Sirens were destroyed—Gretchen because she can't remember what happened and Will because he doesn't know how to tell Gretchen what he saw. He doesn't even understand what he saw, but he does know now that Gretchen is more than what she seems, more than a human girl. And at the same time, he is more in love with her than ever.

Gretchen knows there's something wrong, too. She feels like an alien in her own body, but she doesn't know why. And she feels a presence stalking her at every turn. Have the Sirens returned to Walfang? Or has some other force come to claim her?

I really like this series! The mermaids in this story are terrifying! It’s no wonder that Lisa Papademetriou calls them sirens. They are vicious. In Fury’s Fire, the suspense factor is amped up to a whole new level. I loved that some of the old characters that seemed so stable in the first book (Siren’s Storm) have deeply troubling secrets that surface in this book. That really added to the mystery that shrouds Fury’s Fire.

Another thing that I liked a lot was the growing romance between Gretchen and Will. They finally crossed passed that “friend” line and realized that they felt deeper feelings for one another. It wasn’t one of those overly sweet fakey romances either. It was believable and flawed, which made it perfect. I also liked that the new character, Mafer. She was a great compliment to the story, even if she didn’t have a large part. I hope we see more of her in the next book. Another character I want to see more of is crazy Kirk and Angus. Kirk adds so much to this story that it’s hard to imagine a book without him. Angus is just nice comic relief.

I have to admit that the biggest surprise I found in Fury’s Fire was the mythology element. Yep, that’s right: Mythology. Gretchen had a run in with Calypso in Siren’s Song, but now she is battling against Circe. Oh, and don’t forget the HUGE role that the Fury’s play in this tale. Now that was a complete shocker—and I’m usually pretty good at figuring out plots. I knew there was something special about one of the characters, but I never guess that outcome. I geek out over mythology and mermaids, so when you combine the two, I don’t know how to handle myself. I thought the inclusion of Circe as an antagonist was clever and well handled.

This is not the series for you if you want rainbows and kittens with your mermaid story. These mermaids are hardcore killers bent on destroying men. In fact, the seek them out and slice them up with their razor sharp teeth and claws. How’s that for the warm fuzzies? If you like darker stories that develop slowly, then you should give Fury’s Fire a try. You might find yourself pleasantly surprised.  



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