Mini-review: Unstrung (Unwind #1.5) (Neil Shusterman)

Product Details:
Reading level: upper MG, YA
Pages: 60
Publisher: July 24th 2012 by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
ISBN:  9781442472778
Source: my own Kindle copy

Do not read this if you have not read Unwind. Major spoiler alert!

How did Lev Calder move from an unwillingly escaped Tithe to a clapper?

In this new ebook original short story, author Neal Shusterman opens a window on Lev's adventures between the time he left CyFi and when he showed up at the Graveyard.

Lev's experiences on a Hi-Rez, an extraordinarily wealthy Native American Reservation introduce him to a teen with remarkable musical talent... and whose gifts are destined to end up in the hands of another. And it is this teen's heart-breaking story that inspired Lev to choose the clapper's path.

Pulling elements from Neal Shusterman's critically acclaimed
Unwind and giving hints about what is to come in the long-awaited sequel, UnWholly, this short story is a must for fans of the series.

Well, the last line of the synopsis doesn't lie! This is a must read if you loved Unwind. Do not, however, read it unless you have read Unwind. It will give away too much and probably won't have the same impact.

I cannot say how much I love this series. It is so fantastic. It's different from anything I have ever read. Dark, disturbing, and gripping! As I read Unwind, I did find myself wondering what happened with Lev. I always wondered what was going on in his head. When he arrived to the facility in the end, I couldn't figure out what exactly made him into this frightening new person. Now I know... 

This story is so tragic. I loved Wil, even if I only knew him in a short amount of pages. And then... sigh... I have my guesses as to what will happen in book 2 now. And I certainly don't think we've seen the end of Wil.

I know this is a short story, so it's hard to rave about how great it is, but I do feel it's a needed piece of the story. It's hard to get great insight into characters in a short story, but we do see what changed Lev. It gives me a whole new insight into his character.

In short, read it! It's worth it.

Pinterest + Images = Book Cover Love (Unicorns)

I think I have a theme going here...

I seem to be sticking with fantasy elements at the moment. Why stop a good thing, eh? This week I found some amazing pictures of unicorns on Pinterest. (Yes, unicorns. Which proves you can find anything on Pinterest.) While these aren't fluffy unicorns, I think they would make awesome book covers if there were any books about unicorns. (I think this is an under-represented genre, personally.)


My favorite!



Runner up. =)


Next Week: Castles

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