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Showing posts from September 2, 2012

My delay...

Ok, you've probably noticed I've been MIA for a week or 2 now.

It's not because I want to, I promise. My job has me swimming drowning in paperwork. I can barely see the light of day. In fact, I heard the chirping of a bird the other day and had to pause a moment because I didn't realize it was a bird! So, yeah. Super busy.

I have been reading, though. I've been reading a lot actually. It's the only thing that helps me rest at 2 a.m. when I finally wind down from all the day-time work. Of course, it's never wise to start/read a book at 2 a.m. because I just can't stop at a few pages (or chapters)!

So, until things settle down a bit, I will be taking a break. =( I'm sad about it, but I have to pay the bills. Being an adult does have its drawbacks at times. Wish I could read all day and discuss books and still eat and have a house, but alas, that doesn't happen in my world.

When I return, I promise I'll have lots of book reviews. (I've rea…

Cover Appeal: Neverland

Guess what my Cover Appeal topic is this week? Neverland, of course! (Oh, and I decided to go with a title of "cover appeal" because that whole "Pinterest + Images= Book Cover Love" thing wasn't working for me anymore. Hope I'm not taking anyone's meme name inadvertenly.)
Before I share my ideas of what Neverland might look like outside of Disney, I want to just throw out there how excited I am about Tiger Lilly! It's about time her story was told.

Sigh. I could live there forever.
Next Week: beaches