Review: Dreamless (Josephine Angelini)

The Deets:
Audience: YA
pages: 487
publisher:  May 29th 2012 by HarperTeen
ISBN: 9780062012012
genre: mythology
source: library book

Dreamless (Starcrossed, #2)Can true love be forgotten?

As the only scion who can descend into the Underworld, Helen Hamilton has been given a nearly impossible task. By night she wanders through Hades, trying to stop the endless cycle of revenge that has cursed her family. By day she struggles to overcome the fatigue that is rapidly eroding her sanity. Without Lucas by her side, Helen is not sure she has the strength to go on.

Just as Helen is pushed to her breaking point, a mysterious new Scion comes to her rescue. Funny and brave, Orion shields her from the dangers of the Underworld. But time is running out--a ruthless foe plots against them, and the Furies' cry for blood is growing louder.

As the ancient Greek world collides with the mortal one, Helen's sheltered life on Nantucket descends into chaos. But the hardest task of all will be forgetting Lucas Delos.

Can I start by saying best Helen of Troy story EVER?! This series takes the story of Helen of Troy to an all new level of awesome. Dreamless (Starcrossed #2) did not disappoint.

If you like love triangles, you are going to flip. There is so much tension between Lucas, Helen, and Orion that is was hard to pick a side. (Oh, Orion is a descendant of Adonis so he was extra yummy.) Now I don't usually like love triangles because they are usually frustrating, but this was a bit different. These demi-gods have very distinct roles to play in a prophecy and Helen is stuck in the middle. It was always a clear choice in other love triangles-- Team Peeta, Edward, and Four all the way. But I am torn between Lucas and Orion. I want them both, and I don't think I would be mad at Helen for picking either of them.

In Starcrossed I raved over how great Claire and Jason were. Well, in this book I did not feel that same love. In fact, if it were possible, I would punch Jason in the nose. I think Orion and Hector stole the show in Dreamless. The other characters were just kind of there taking up space. They helped move the plot, but they didn't move me.

In fact, this book took me over a week to read! It was only 487 pages! I can knock out 200+ pages in a night, but I took forever to read this. It just kept going and going and going. And those 50 page chapters?! Torture. Don't misconstrue this as me saying that the book wasn't good, because it was. It was action packed and very complicated. The plot was a finely tuned vessel, that's for sure. It just seems like too much was packed into this book.

The editing also irked me. For this to be a final copy I could not believe how many typos I found. Over 100! Yes, I totally counted. And yes, I wrote in the library book because I had to fix them! I can't leave grammar mishaps uncorrected. Sorry. It got so bad at one point that I was literally finding missing words/phrases on every other page. Someone really dropped the ball on that one.

Overall though, this was a great read for the plot. Orion was a wonderful addition, and I cannot wait to see how Lucas's new 'development' plays out. There were lots of hints at the end about the impending war, so it's going to be fierce. Hunks in chain metal. rar. Get ready! Epicness in the making.


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