The Lost Girl read-along: Week 4

 This week we are reading pages 164-220. That's chapters 7-9 of part 2 in The Lost Girl. If you missed out on last week's discussion, you can view it HERE.

As you read this week, think about this question: How do Alisha, Neil, Nikhil, and Sasha each respond to Eva? Why does Neil-- and later, the rest of the family-- choose to call Eva by her real name?

For week 5, we will be finishing part 2 in The Lost Girl. I will post the discussion questions next Sunday, so check back then to post! Remember, you get 2 entries in the giveaway for every comment you leave on the blog, plus an additional 1 entry for posting on the Facebook page (LINK HERE). So don't be shy! It doesn't matter when you post either, just as long as it's before we finish the book.

Happy reading!

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The Flashlight Reader said... .

I have to say that I love the innocence and acceptance that Sasha represents. I also appreciate Nikhil's honesty about the situation. He knows Eva is not Amarra and he doesn't treat her as an Echo. He sees Eva as Eva. Alisha and Neil are a little tricky, though. I understand Alisha's treatment of Eva as still being Amarra because she is holding on to that hope we discussed previously. Neil, however, is a mystery. He knows Eva is not Amarra and he seems to tolerate her more than accept her. Of course, that's for his wife. If it were just Neil without the others, I can't help but wonder how he would treat Eva.
March 26, 2013 at 9:28 PM

Twisty J said... .

I agree with you about how they each respond to Eva in their own way. I suspect that Neil's somewhat cold approach to the situation may have more to do with the past and how Eva came to be than who she is to the family now. As the story unfolds, perhaps more light will be shed as to the relationship to the Weavers which has been implied.
I think they choose to call her Eva because they realize she is not and never will be Amarra, regardless of how much they wish it to be so. Calling her Eva seems to be a first step in accepting their grief and moving on from the tragedy of losing their daughter and sister. It also is acknowledging that they see Eva as more than an echo, and, in fact, an individual.

Jaime @ Twisting the Lens

March 31, 2013 at 11:14 PM

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