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The Lost Girl read-along: Week 5

Has it been a month already? Whoa. For week 5 we are reading pages 221-293. That'sthe remainder of part 2 in The Lost Girl. If you missed out on last week's discussion, you can view it HERE.

As you read this week, think about this :
  The image of wings keeps popping up as we read. What do the wings symbolize for the characters in the book? Do the paper birds that Eva creates symbolize something different than the wings she creates in Alisha's studio?

For week 6, we will be starting part 3 in The Lost Girl. I will post the discussion questions next Sunday, so check back then to post! Remember, you get 2 entries in the giveaway for every comment you leave on the blog, plus an additional 1 entry for posting on the Facebook page (LINK HERE). So don't be shy! It doesn't matter when you post either, just as long as it's before we finish the book.

Happy reading!

Week 1 discussion questions here.

Week 2 discussion questions here.

Week 3 discussion questions here.

Week 4 discussion questions here.



  1. I'm going out on a limb on this one because I think there are so many possible answers, so I'll just mention one.

    The wings in Alisha's studio are unlike anything Eva has ever created. They are delicate, beautiful, and ultimately unfinished. I think that's fitting because that is how I see Eva as well-- unfinished. She is not a typical echo; she is changing and growing into something (someone) new.

    As for the other characters, the birds/wings could symbolize many things, but the easiest thing to identify is hope. Birds in literature also represent peace or freedom. I think any of these would work in the story, depending on which character you are looking at.

  2. It seems as though the wings created in the studio represent her desire to free herself from the cage her life has placed her in. I think they definitely represent a sense of freedom and wanting to find out who she is without all the rules and regulations placed upon her.
    As for the paper cranes, it is said (as the story stated as well) that if you make a thousand paper cranes, you get any wish you want. As far as reading further into the meaning, I remember reading somewhere that if all one thousand paper cranes are strung together, it will give the maker of the cranes lifelong health and good luck. Origami itself is supposed to possess healing powers. I think, though, that maybe for Eva's story it is a symbol of how she was carefully made by someone's hands, and could just as easily be crushed and forgotten like a paper crane.
    A bit darker and sadder meaning, but truthful nonetheless. I do hope, though, that Eva learns to fly before her wings are clipped.

    Jaime @ Twisting the Lens

  3. Oh! I completely forgot about the origami paper cranes! I was so stuck on the wings and the clay-like birds. I really like your comparison to the paper cranes. She is so delicate and depends on others in many ways, just like the paper cranes she tries desperately to make at the theater.


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