Summer Library Challenge: Library Collage


This week's Summer Library Challenge task asks us to make a collage of our local library.

Well, sadly, I'm leaving for Disney this week so I had no time to take pictures of the gazillion library locations in my town (ok, I think there are like 20). But I did find some amazing pictures on-line to show how awesome they are.

My favorite library in town is the one downtown. It's about 30 miles from me. When I worked around the corner from it, I would always stop by after work. Now it's a bit of a drive but I make it a point to take the kids there as much as I can.

There is an enormous children's department. I mean HUGE. Think full art studio, theater, reading area plus computers and shelves upon shelves of books. We hang out there a lot. We also spend time in the YA center (and by we I mean me). It is incredible.

With 4 stories and numerous "extras" downstairs, the main library is a major feature in town. There are monthly Art Walks hosted here as well as lots of bookish events. I love getting lost here.


Kristen said... .

I love that children's reading area! I bet it freaks some kids out though, reading by an alligator lol. Great post and pics and so jealous you are going to Disney!

July 15, 2014 at 7:16 PM

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