Review and Blog Tour for EVIL FAIRIES LOVE HAIR

The Deets: 
Audience: Middle Grades
Pages: 320
Publisher: August 5th 2014 by Clarion Books
ISBN: 9780547859033
Genre: adventure, fantasy

Evil Fairies Love Hair
Ali and her middle school classmates are raising flocks of fairies to make their wishes come true. But growing a flock is harder than it sounds: the fairies eat only human hair, and the rules for dealing with them are confusing, misleading, and subject to change. As Ali and her friends struggle to earn their wishes, mistakes are made, spells go awry, and soon Ali is up against hundreds of two-inch-tall imps who have very big plans. Comedy and fantasy intertwine in this lively tale of intrigue, magic, and the power of hair.

 When you think of fairies, what image first comes to mind? Something small and dainty? Perhaps something with gossamer wings and long flowing hair? That's not exactly what you get in Evil Fairies Love Hair. See, these "fairies" are actually divvy-imps with a rather complicated past.   

I knew right away that I was going to enjoy this book because the writing sucked me in. I was drawn to the fun dialogue and unique characters. I never imagined fairies to be bald, so when Ali introduced us to the fairy feeding frenzy it was rather entertaining. Ali and Michael were also likeable characters. There were a few other characters mixed in that helped develop the plot, but Crista, Ali's best friend, happened to be one of my favorites because she was the voice of reason. I would like to think I would share Crista's outlook on things if I were in her shoes. 

I will be honest, at first I wasn't sure how the whole "evil fairy" thing would work. I was hesitant because I thought it might get hokey. Rest assured, it was not. It was actually really cute and a bit quirky. The fairies have a thing for hair. Not because they want to, but more because of a colossal mess up that left them able to only eat human hair. Add to that a misguided head fairy and you have the makings of a diabolical (if not delightful) plot to usurp the humans. 

Young readers will have fun reading about Ali's adventures and attempts to save her town from the evil fairies. But more than that, there will be a story about acceptance and finding your hidden talents. I'm glad to see that there will be a follow up to Evil Fairies Love Hair , or so I hope, because this is a story worth continuing.

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  • Mary G. Thompson was born and raised in Cottage Grove and Eugene, Oregon. She was a practicing attorney for more than seven years, including almost five years in the U.S. Navy, before she moved to New York City to write full time. Visit her website at


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