Blog Tour + Review of Destined for Doon (Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon)

The Deets: 
Intended Audience: YA
Pages: 368
Publisher: September 2nd 2014 by Blink
ISBN: 9780310742333
Genre: fantasy, romance
Source: ARC from Publisher

Destined for Doon (Doon, #2)The second book in the popular new Doon YA series that takes on a classic story, Brigadoon, and spins it in a new way to give readers a fresh, modern experience.

In this sequel to Doon, Kenna Reid realizes she made a horrible mistake-choosing to follow her dreams of Broadway instead of staying in the enchanted land of Doon. Worse, she's received proof she and Duncan are meant to be, along with torturous visions of the prince she left behind. So when Duncan shows up and informs Kenna that Doon needs her, she doesn't need to think twice. But even if Kenna can save the enchanted kingdom, her happily ever after may still be in peril.

Oh this series, how I love it. When I read Doon, I had tingles. Every time Duncan and Jaime crossed the page I could not read fast enough. (You can see what I thought about Doon HERE.) I eagerly waited a whole year for Destined for Doon, so when I had the chance to read it early I snapped it up like a hungry alligator. I really didn't know what to expect with the sequel, because we all know what often happens with sequels.

Fear not, though; this sequel sizzles. I'm talking snap, crackle, and pop kind of sizzle! Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon can send shivers down your spine. Their uber hot Scottish lads will give you goosebumps that linger and have you booking a flight to Scotland. I do not often get mushy over book characters, but these boys gave me hot flashes.

But aside from the smoky romance, all of the characters really took this story up a notch. Jaime is still brooding, but in a less jerkish sort of way. He has to figure out his place in Doon's leadership with Vee. Vee, while the acting queen of the land, has to establish her authority and basically prove she isn't a Doon-destroying outsider. Neither of these tasks is easy for Jaime and Vee. There is a lot of opposition and learning to accept and make compromises that they must learn. Duncan and Kenna have a completely different struggle to overcome.

I really liked how Destined for Doon seemed to focus more on their story this time. If you read Doon, you know how their relationship ended; they have a lot of obstacles in their way. Just like any well-intending, head strong character, Kenna realizes what she wanted was in her face the whole time but now it's out of reach. Duncan is clouded with emotions toward Kenna. They have some moments that make you cheer and you think "this is it!" but then it's not. Oh, those moments! How my heart strings pulled and tugged for both characters.

Now, add in a new conflict and a few new characters and we have a pretty interesting sequel. Addie, the witch bent on destroying Doon, is gone-- or is she? It's hard to say because there is a curse sweeping through the land and destroying everything in its path. Vee and Kenna are chosen to stop the curse, but they have to figure out how to do it first. Will they succeed, or will Vee fall victim to the plight of the first Queen of Doon's mistakes?

I have my feelings about that and how certain characters play a role in the future because there will be two more books in this series! I almost jumped up from my chair when I read that. I'm not ready for this series to end. (Don't believe me? See for yourself HERE.) In fact, I want to cross the Brig O'Doon myself and join these characters on their next grand adventure.

I was lucky enough to be given an ARC of Destined for Doon, and I want to share with everyone! Enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win. (Seriously, do it. This series is so worth reading!)

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