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Ms. Bixby's Last Day  

Ms. Bixby's Last Day

ISBN: 9780062338174
ISBN 10: 006233817X
On Sale: 06/21/2016

John David Anderson, author of Sidekicked and The Dungeoneers, returns with a funny, heartwarming, and heartbreaking contemporary story about three boys, one teacher, and a day none of them will ever forget.
Everyone knows there are different kinds of teachers. The boring ones, the mean ones, the ones who try too hard, the ones who stopped trying long ago. The ones you’ll never remember, and the ones you want to forget. Ms. Bixby is none of these. She’s the sort of teacher who makes you feel like school is somehow worthwhile. Who recognizes something in you that sometimes you don’t even see in yourself. Who you never want to disappoint. What Ms. Bixby is, is one of a kind.
Topher, Brand, and Steve know this better than anyone. And so when Ms. Bixby unexpectedly announces that she won’t be able to finish the school year, they come up with a risky plan—more of a quest, really—to give Ms. Bixby the last day she deserves. Through the three very different stories they tell, we begin to understand what Ms. Bixby means to each of them—and what the three of them mean to each other.

Meet the author:  John David Anderson

Author Bio:

John David Anderson is the author of many books for young readers, includingSidekicked and The Dungeoneers. A dedicated root beer connoisseur and chocolate fiend, he lives with his wife, two kids, and perpetually whiny cat in Indianapolis, Indiana. You can visit him online at

Excerpt of the book: 

The amazing team at Waldon Pond Press have shared this extensive (i.e. 40+ page) excerpt of the novel! Check it out here.

Educators wanting to use Ms. Bixby's Last Day in their classroom need to check out the incredible Educator's Guide available. It's full of wonderful ideas to accompany the book.

When thinking about a teacher that impacted my life, it would be easy to instantly think of my 7th grade Language Arts teacher... or my 8th grade American History teacher... or my 10th/12th grade English teacher... or my high school Drama teacher. There are too many to name. I have been truly blessed to have incredible educators help shape my life. But as an educator, I think it's worth mentioning those teachers we meet as peers that shape us. When I sat down to reflect on who that might be, one name came to mind instantly: Debbie Downey. I doubt she will ever see this (she's probably off enjoying retirement on a cruise ship around the world), but I want the world to know about this incredible woman. Every day for six years I watched her interact with kids. Every day she would sense a child in trouble and would bring them into her room for breakfast or give them a ride home. Every day she was an ear to listen and a kind spirit giving advice. I don't think I ever heard her raise her voice (and that's amazing on its own considering the school we worked at). I never saw her lose her temper. And I know not a single kid that crossed through her door ever wanted to disappoint her. If someone got in trouble in my room, they were more worried about Ms. Downey finding out than they were about a call home. Ms. Downey was an incredible teacher and person. She may never know how much she influenced me or anyone else. I appreciated her guidance and example. I can only imagine that many former students are saying the same thing if they had the honor of being in her class during her 30+ year career. 

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