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Showing posts from February 19, 2017

Where I have been-- I have not disappeared!

Remember that show? If you do, I bet you just sang the theme song. :) You're welcome.

I'm not writing a witty post about awesome t.v. game shows from my childhood. I'm simply sending out a S.O.S. to let you all know I have not gone AWOL. I am simply in my final semester of graduate school, and it's turned out to be pretty demanding.

I'm here. I'm reading. My brain wants to write about all the awesome books I have found (and the ones that I really didn't care for), but it's a struggle to find time to eat most days. All those cliches are real, y'all. The struggle is real. I haven't forgotten about The Flashlight Reader; it will just be a bit sporadic until things wrap up in May.